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The Ultimate Guide to Magnetic Whiteboards

The Ultimate Guide to Magnetic Whiteboards

Magnetic whiteboards have become an essential tool for schools, offices, and even homes. They provide a quick and easy way to convey your thoughts, ideas, and information to others. Whether you’re a teacher, office worker, or just someone who wants to organize their thoughts, a magnetic whiteboard can be a game-changer. In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at magnetic whiteboards and what you need to know before buying one.

Types of Magnetic Whiteboards

Regular Magnetic Whiteboards

The regular or traditional magnetic whiteboards are the most common type of whiteboards. They come with mounting brackets and have an aluminum frame. These whiteboards are best for office and home use, and they provide a large writing surface that is ideal for presentations and meetings.

Calendar Magnetic Whiteboards

Calendar magnetic whiteboards are specifically designed for keeping track of schedules and appointments. They come with a blank calendar that you can write on each month. These whiteboards are perfect for use in a home or office, and they help you stay organized and on top of your schedule.

Cork Magnetic Whiteboards

Cork magnetic whiteboards are a combination of a whiteboard and a bulletin board. They feature a cork section for hanging flyers and announcements. These whiteboards are great for use in a school or office, and they provide a versatile writing surface that is perfect for presentations and meetings, as well as for hanging important information and announcements.

Personal Magnetic Whiteboards

Personal magnetic whiteboards are usually small, measuring about 11 by 8.5 inches. These whiteboards are ideal for use in a home, office, or school, and they provide a convenient and portable writing surface that is perfect for taking notes and jotting down ideas.

Portable Magnetic Whiteboards

Portable magnetic whiteboards are mounted in frames that are attached to wheels, making them easy to move from one location to another. These whiteboards are perfect for use in a school or office, and they provide a convenient and flexible writing surface that can be easily transported from one room to another.

Surface Materials

Magnetic whiteboards are composed of three main components: a layer of particleboard or plywood, a magnetic sheet, and a surface material. The surface material affects how you write on and clean the whiteboard. The surface materials can include laminate, melamine, porcelain, or glass.

Magnetic Whiteboards for Children

If you are in an environment with children, such as an elementary school or preschool, it’s important to hang your whiteboard at a height that is accessible to the kids. This way, they can reach the whiteboard when they write or draw, and you can ensure that they are able to fully participate in the activities and lessons.

What to Look for in a Quality Magnetic Whiteboard

Dry Erase Markers

Some magnetic whiteboards come with dry erase markers, but it’s a good idea to invest in a set of markers that work well for your particular needs and situation. Lookicioui

for markers that have a fine tip, are highly pigmented, and are easy to erase. Keep in mind that older or faded markers can create streaky lines that are difficult to see, so it’s best to use the newest markers you can find.

Board Maintenance

In order to maintain the quality and appearance of your magnetic whiteboard, you’ll need a dry eraser for basic cleaning. You should also deep clean the board every so often with an alcohol-dampened cloth to remove any stubborn marks or stains. This will help to keep your whiteboard looking its best for years to come.


When choosing a magnetic whiteboard, consider the installation options. Some magnetic whiteboards have magnetic backings and can be easily attached to a refrigerator, while others come with mounting sets for hanging on a wall. Make sure to choose a whiteboard that fits your needs and has an installation option that works for you.

How Much You Can Expect to Spend on a Magnetic Whiteboard

Magnetic whiteboards can range in price from $10 to $250, depending on the size and construction of the board. Smaller and more basic whiteboards for personal use tend to cost around $25, while mid-sized whiteboards for office use can range from $25 to $60. Premium whiteboards can cost between $60 and $125, while full-sized whiteboards can cost upwards of $150 or more.

FAQ About Magnetic Whiteboards

Is it possible to repair a chipped magnetic whiteboard?


Unfortunately, it is not possible to repair a chipped magnetic whiteboard. However, you can cover the chip with magnetic whiteboard tape or a banner/sticker if it’s located in a corner or edge and won’t get in the way. You can also create divisions on the whiteboard to categorize information or notes.


Can you change the aluminum frame on your magnetic whiteboard?


It may not be possible to find a replacement aluminum frame in a different color, but you can decorate the frame. You can spray paint the frame in a color of your choice, cover it with printed duct tape, or create an aesthetically pleasing border around the edges of the whiteboard. In some cases, you can remove the frame for a more minimalist look.


What color markers should be used on a magnetic whiteboard for maximum visibility?


Dark blue and black markers are common choices, but you can also use other dark colors like red or green. Just make sure to use highly pigmented markers or the newest markers you can find to ensure maximum visibility.


What is the best magnetic whiteboard for artists?


The ARTEZA Magnetic Whiteboard Two-Pack with Pens, Magnets is a great choice for artists. This set comes with a silver frame that provides excellent support for drawing on your lap, as well as double-sided tape for wall mounting, magnetic pen holders, 16 fine point markers, and four precut magnets. Some customers have noted that the magnets included with this whiteboard may be weak, so keep this in mind when making your purchase.


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