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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Ninja Food Processor

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Ninja Food Processor

Do you love cooking but hate the time-consuming task of chopping and slicing ingredients? A Ninja food processor can make meal prep a breeze, cutting your preparation time in half. If you’re looking for a reliable food processor with all the blades and discs you need, the Ninja BN602 Professional Advanced 9-Cup Food Processor is a top-tier option worth considering.

What to Know Before You Buy a Ninja Food Processor

Types of Ninja Food Processors

Ninja offers a range of food processor options, including:

  • Full-size food processors – the most popular option, these processors come with a range of blades and discs and have a large capacity
  • Blender/food processor combos – these appliances are primarily blenders but also come with a food processor bowl attachment, perfect for those who want both appliances in one
  • Mini choppers – smaller versions of food processors, these appliances can only chop, dice, and puree and do not come with discs
  • Wattage

    The wattage of the motor indicates the power of the food processor. Full-size Ninja food processors have powerful 1,000-watt motors, making them ideal for heavy-duty tasks like kneading dough and making peanut butter.

    Bowl Size

    The bowl size or capacity determines the amount of food you can process at once. Full-size Ninja food processors have a large 9-cup capacity, perfect for cooking for a crowd or prepping all ingredients at once. Mini choppers have a capacity of around 3 cups, great for chopping individual ingredients.

    What to Look for in a Quality Ninja Food Processor

    Blades and Discs

    Full-size Ninja food processors typically come with two blades – a sharp blade for chopping and a dull plastic blade for kneading. The discs that come with the processor are used for shredding and slicing ingredients. Some models come with multiple discs with special settings, while others come with only one reversible disc.


    The chute is used to add ingredients while the processor is running, making it useful when using discs or making recipes that require ingredients to be added gradually.

    Control Type

    Full-size Ninja food processors usually have digital touch panels, which are easy to use and clean. Mini choppers typically have basic one-touch pulse controls.

    How Much You Can Expect to Spend on a Ninja Food Processor

    Mini Ninja food processors cost around $40, while blender/food processor combos can cost up to $200. A standard full-size Ninja food processor should cost around $100.

    Ninja Food Processor FAQ

    Is a food processor the same thing as a blender?


    Although they may look similar, food processors and blenders are not the same thing. Blendersicioui


    are primarily designed for pureeing or blending wet foods, like soups, smoothies, and juices. To work effectively, they need some liquid in the mix. Food processors, on the other hand, are designed for processing dry foods. The standard blades can chop and dice vegetables, while the discs can slice and shred. Some models also come with a dough hook for kneading bread dough.

    Are Ninja food processors good?


    Yes, Ninja is a trusted brand in the world of kitchen appliances and their food processors receive high ratings from customers. They are durable, well-made, and easy-to-use. Full-size models come with a range of handy attachments and accessories.


    Do all Ninja food processors come with a recipe book?


    Some Ninja food processor models come with a recipe book, while others do not. It’s best to check the product listing or consult the manufacturer’s website to see if a recipe book is included with the model you’re interested in.


    What is the warranty on a Ninja food processor?


    The warranty on a Ninja food processor varies by model. It’s best to check the product listing or consult the manufacturer’s website to see what warranty is offered with the specific model you’re interested in.


    Can you knead dough in a Ninja food processor?


    Yes, some Ninja food processors come with a dough hook attachment, which allows you to knead dough in the processor. If you plan on using your food processor for dough making, it’s best to look for a model that comes with this attachment.


    Can a Ninja food processor chop nuts?


    Yes, a Ninja food processor can chop nuts. However, it’s important to note that over-processing nuts can result in nut butter, so it’s best to pulse the nuts rather than running the processor continuously.


    In conclusion, a Ninja food processor can be a valuable addition to any kitchen. With a range of options available, including full-size processors, blender/processor combos, and mini choppers, there’s a Ninja processor to fit any need. Just be sure to consider factors such as wattage, bowl size, blades and discs, chute, control type, and warranty when making your decision.

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