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Kansas City Business Owner Seeks to Change Diets, Perspectives, and Street Names

Kansas City Business Owner Seeks to Change Diets, Perspectives, and Street Names

Kansas City, Missouri is a city with a rich history, and Chris Goode, the owner of Ruby Jean’s Juicery, is determined to make his mark on the city in a positive way. With a focus on health and wellness, Chris has been operating Ruby Jean’s Juicery for the past five years, and it has become a staple in the East side of Kansas City. The restaurant is named after Chris’s grandmother and is a symbol of his commitment to changing the narrative that healthy options cannot thrive in certain areas.

Working to Change the Narrative

Chris is not content to just run a successful business, he wants to make a difference in the community as well. He has taken steps to keep his block clean and has adopted a bus stop at 31st Street and Troost Avenue. He is also a former member of the Parks Board, where he worked to clean up the historic steps on the Paseo in 2019.

One of Chris’s most ambitious projects is his effort to change the name of Troost Avenue to “Truth.” Troost Avenue is a longstanding redline of Kansas City and honors Benoit Troost, a slave owner. Chris feels that this street name carries negative connotations and wants to change it to something universal and positive. The giant mural outside of his building reads “Truth is Freedom,” and Chris is determined to see his vision become a reality.

A Personal Connection to the Community

Chris’s connection to Kansas City runs deep, and he is passionate about creating a city that everyone can be proud of. He watched the protests at the J.C. Nichols Fountain in 2020 and was struck by the irony of the central gathering place for protests being named after someone who was against integration. He was also disappointed when he had to resign from the Parks Board after the director’s job went to a white outsider.

However, Chris is not one to give up easily. Whether it’s serving healthy beverages, picking up trash in impoverished areas, or working to change street and monument names, Chris is all about creating balance and a city that everyone can be proud of. He hopes that his son can ride down Truth Avenue without the negative connotations that come with Troost Avenue.


Chris Goode is a man on a mission to make a difference in Kansas City. His passion for health, wellness, and community is evident in everything he does, and he is determined to create a city that everyone can be proud of. Whether it’s through his business, his community work, or his efforts to change street names, Chris is a true champion of Kansas City and its residents.

It is inspiring to see someone who cares so deeply about their community and is willing to put in the work to make a difference. Chris’s efforts to change Troost Avenue to Truth are a testament to his determination and his belief in a brighter future for Kansas City. We can all learn a thing or two from Chris’s commitment to creating a better world for himself, his family, and his community.

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