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A Family Affair: Virginia Triplets and Their Dad Join the Navy Together

A Family Affair: Virginia Triplets and Their Dad Join the Navy Together

CHESAPEAKE, Va. – Three Virginia siblings have made history by enlisting in the Navy together. Ayrion, Andrea, and Adrion Sutton, of Western Branch, are the first Black triplets to join the Navy as a unit, according to the Navy Recruitment Office in Suffolk. To make this story even more special, their dad, Andre Sutton, also re-enlisted to join them, making it a true family affair.

A Unique Bond Among Triplets

Andrea Sutton, one of the triplets, said that while it was their idea to enlist in the Navy, their dad went first. Despite having unique personalities, the triplets all share the same goal of serving in the Navy. Ayrion is currently stationed in Norfolk, while Andrea is at Oceana in Virginia Beach. Adrion, the youngest of the three, just enlisted last week and is waiting for his assignment.

“If all of us were on a boat together, it would be really fun,” said Andrea. The triplets are following in their parents’ footsteps, as Andre and Tiffany Sutton met while serving in the Navy on the USS Arctic back in 1999.

Inspired by Their Dad

Adrion, the youngest triplet, said that he was originally the one who wanted to join the Navy, but ended up being the last to enlist. He was inspired by his dad, who served for 12 years in the Navy before being out for 22 years. When Adrion signed up, his dad decided to go back as well and finish his last 8 years with his kids.

Petty Officer First Class Ashley Hodges, who was the recruiter for the family, said that enlisting the entire family has been one of the biggest honors of her career as a Navy recruiter. She added that the entire family is a model for the area and she is excited to be a part of their journey.

Destined to Serve

Andre Sutton, the proud father, said that with him being 52 years old and only having 8 years left to serve, it was perfect timing for him to re-enlist and serve with his kids. “Who does that?” he said, referring to the rare opportunity to serve in the military with one’s own children. With all three triplets being born at the Portsmouth Naval Hospital, it almost seems like their destiny was to serve in the Navy together.

“We’re a package deal,” said Andrea. The Sutton family is a true inspiration, showing that serving in the military is not just a personal accomplishment, but a family affair.


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